Administrative revamp has school heads happy

Owing to the revamp of administrative set-up in the school education department, Tiruchi revenue district now has four educational districts, with the addition of Manapparai.

The new educational district of Manapparai came into existence last month, in addition to the existing three: Tiruchi, Musiri and Lalgudi.

The newly-created Manapparai educational district, bifurcated from Tiruchi educational district, has jurisdiction over schools in Vaiyampatti, Manikandam, Manapparai and Marungapuri blocks.

The Tiruchi educational district now has in its fold Tiruchi Urban, Tiruchi West, Anthanallur, and Tiruverumbur blocks.

The posts of Inspector of Matriculation Schools and District Elementary Educational Officers were abolished and merged with DEO cadre.

The DEO-cadre official who was earlier the Inspector of Matriculation Schools has been posted as the District Educational Officer of newly-created Edappadi educational district in Salem district.

Administration of schools under the new set-up with officials monitoring institutions in well-defined jurisdictions is much easier, Chief Educational Officer M. Ramakrishnan said.

DEOs are now exercising full control over elementary, nursery, matriculation and government schools within specified geographical limits. The elimination of overlap of jurisdictions has been made possible through the administrative revamp, school heads said.

Teachers and headmasters have also sounded the need for creation of a fifth educational district based in Thuraiyur. At present, the schools in and around Thuraiyur come under the jurisdiction of Musiri educational district.

A new educational district in Thuraiyur will best serve the interests of schools in distant locations such as Murungapatti, teachers say.

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