Adopting village to eliminate hepatitis

The Health Department will soon adopt a village for a period of five years to “eliminate hepatitis.”

This is in line with the theme for the World Hepatitis Day that was observed on July 28, ‘Eliminate Hepatitis.’

Health Minister C. Vijaya Baskar has identified Nallur village in Pudukottai district to implement the project through the Institute of Hepatobiliary Science of Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH).

“We want to create a hepatitis-free village. Doctors will screen residents and take up treatment of cases. This will be a model village, and further implementation will be decided on the outcome of this initiative,” he said.

K. Narayanasamy, director, Institute of Hepatobiliary Sciences, RGGGH, said this initiative would be carried out on a pilot basis in the village.

“In five years, the aim of the project is to completely prevent liver diseases in the village, thereby making it into a model.”

“As per our study conducted during 2008-2010 across six districts of Tamil Nadu, the prevalence of hepatitis B and C was below 2%. This included Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur. In Chennai, we conducted the study in Harbour and Royapuram constituencies,” he said.

Under the initiative, a team from the institute will visit the village once every month and conduct camps. Apart from doctors and nurses, the team will also include laboratory technicians and pharmacists. “We will analyse the residents on the basis of factors such as age, education, socio-economic status and income. With their consent, we will conduct blood tests and scans,” Dr. Narayanasamy said.

Awareness activities

The team will also educate the residents on how to protect the liver. “Through information, education and communication activities, we will make the residents understand the importance of protecting their liver. We will conduct skit and social activities to take the message to the residents,” he said.

Dr. Narayanasamy pointed out that the complications of hepatitis B and C included liver cirrhosis, gastro intestinal bleed, ascites (is accumulation of fluid in the abdomen resulting in swelling), liver cancer and hepatic coma.

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