Aranmula gearing up for Vallasadya season

With hardly a week left for the season of Vallasadya, rhythmic verses in praise of Lord Krishna, Vanchipattu, have already started to resonate in Aranmula.

The season for Vallasadya, the offering of a feast at the centuries old Sree Parthasarathy temple will begin on July 15. The Vallasadya offering will come to a close on October 2. The Vallasadya is a unique ritualistic feast offered by the devotees to the crew of a palliyodam, taking them as representatives of the presiding deity. Devotees who wish to offer a Vallasadya Cazhipadu at the temple should first submit their application for the same to a Palliyodakkara that owns a snakeboat. Once the Palliyodakkara accepts their request, they may book the Vallasadya at the PSS office at Aranmula.

Devotees may book the Vallasadya Vazhipadu at the PSS office in front of the Parthasarathy temple (Ph: 0468-2239310). Krishnakumar Krishnaveni, PSS president, and P.R. Radhakrishnan, secretary, said the bookings for the Vallasadya had crossed 320 on Saturday. They said the number of Vallasadya to be offered at the temple complex had been restricted to 12 a day.

Mr. Radhakrishnan said the PSS had shortlisted a total of 15 caterers (sadya contractors) for serving the Vallasadya, this year. The contractors would arrange for safe waste disposal too within two to three hours of the Vallasadya.

The TDB president, A. Padmakumar, will inaugurate the vallasadya at 11 a.m. on July 15. The palliyodam crew of Maramon and Koipram will partake of the vallasadya on the first day.

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