Banasura Sagar opened in Wayanad

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has opened one of the four shutters of the Banasura Sagar Dam at Padinjarethara of the Kuttyadi Hydro–Electric project on Sunday evening owing to the heavy inflow from the catchment areas.

The two major reservoirs in the Cauvery basin in Kerala are full. The shutters of Karapuzha dam was opened a few days ago after getting a copious rainfall in its catchment area.

KSEB sources said the catchment areas had been witnessing heavy rain for last one week. If the heavy inflow continues, one more shutter of the dam may be opened in the coming days, the sources said .

The shutter was opened at 4 p.m. when the water level in the reservoir crossed 775.4 meters of the full reservoir level of 775.6 metres, P. Manoharan, Assistant Executive Engineer, (Research and Dam Safety sub-division) Banasura Sagar, told
The Hindu
. As much as 15 metres cube water was discharging a second through the spillway when 20cm of the shutter was opened , Mr.Manoharan said. The excess water would be discharged through Karamanthodu river, a tributary of Kabani River, he said .

Shutters of Kabani reservoir across the Kabani river at Beechanahalli in Karnataka was also opened on the day after Kerala had requested Karnataka to open it to avoid flood-like situation in the district, he added .

The tunnel to the Kakkayam Reservoir from this reservoir had been closed a week ago after the two shutters of the Kakkayam dam also opened recently.

Meanwhile District Collector A.Ajayakumar said that the schools and colleges in the district, which remained closed for four days last week in anticipation of a downpour, will reopen on Monday. But the schools which are functioning as relief camps will remain closed on the day, Mr. Ajayakumar said.

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