Bogatha Waterfalls: a big draw for tourists

With copious rains upstream, Bogatha Waterfalls — also called Niagara of India — near Cheekupalle of Wazedu mandal is teeming with crowds which is otherwise calm and usually bereft of visitors.

The forest is thicker, foliage greener and presents a beautiful picture of wild nature.

In view of the increased footfalls, the Forest Department has added new facilities for visitors thronging the place.

District Forest Officer (DFO) T. Ravi Kiran said they have spruced up the place and have introduced facilities like drinking water, toilets and temporary shops. “The new butterfly garden is a new addition. It is also a topiary with shrubs in the shape of butterflies. For children, archery and shooting ranges are set up along with a children’s park so that the tourists can spend more time here,” he explained.

In view of increased deaths due to falling off into the waterfall in an inebriated state, the DFO said they have imposed a complete ban on alcohol consumption at the waterfall leaving no scope for any fatal disaster. Visitors would be thoroughly searched before entering the premises. In addition, usage of plastic is also banned to avoid pollution.

Ecotourism coordinator K. Suman said that they have made arrangements for trekking and safari. “The route starting from the entrance gate would take the trekkers to the top of the waterfall which is about 2.5km,” he said.

About 130 km from Warangal and 280 km from Hyderabad, the Bogatha Waterfall is an easy getaway.

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