Breeding rats proves a profitable venture

Rats may be pests for many, but one man saw a business opportunity in them. Chander Naik from the city set up a venture that would go on to make Rs. 25 lakh a month by breeding rats and selling them to research organisations.

Hyderabad is home to several pharma giants and research organisations, which rely on rats for clinical research. After a scientific experiment shows promise in in-vitro studies or those performed in the lab outside an organism, animal trials begin with studies on rats. Close relations to the human genome and small size are among the many properties that make rats a preferred organism for testing.

While narrating Mr. Naik’s journey to entrepreneurship at the National Tribal Entrepreneurs’ Conclave here, Narra Ravi of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said Mr. Naik’s efforts to turn his idea into a business met a cold response from banks.

He then approached the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which helped him find funding for his venture.

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