Celebrating 60 years of phototherapy

India Neodesigns, an NGO, in collaboration with Stanford University of Medicine and National Neonatology Forum of Tamil Nadu, organised a conference to ‘Celebrate 60 years of phototherapy’ on August 1.

The conference showcased the inventions of different technology in maternal and neonatal health developed by Indian innovators followed by a phototherapy continuing medical education and panel discussion, a press release said.

Treating new born

Phototherapy, which was discovered around 60 years ago, is a treatment for newborn babies who develop jaundice.

This involves exposing the skin of the baby to light, particularly blue light of a particular wavelength. This simple treatment has saved many babies from the ill-effects of kernicterus, a condition caused if severe jaundice is left untreated, the release said. The conference celebrated six decades of phototherapy.

It was aimed at spreading awareness on the serious effects of kernicterus, a condition in which the brain of the baby is damaged by the high level of bilirubin in the blood, benefits of phototherapy and was aimed at promoting the health of newborns. Among others, Darez Ahmed, mission director of National Health Mission, Tamil Nadu was present.

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