Centenarian undergoes treatment for stroke

When 102-year-old Tarakat R. Ramaswamy, who had been leading an active retired life for the last 40 years, felt a sudden weakness in his left hand and leg, his daughter Janaki Ramanathan rushed him to the Narayana Multispeciality Hospital in Whitefield in 30 minutes.

Doctors diagnosed his symptoms to be similar to a stroke. He was administered thrombolysis following which he has been saved from being paralysed.

Deepak N., Associate Consultant-Neurologist, and his team, did an MRI. They found that Mr. Ramaswamy, a former bank employee, had suffered a stroke and the right side of his brain was not getting sufficient blood supply owing to a blockage in a blood vessel.

Instead of following the traditional mode of treatment to prevent future occurrence of a stroke, the doctors revived him by administering thrombolysis. He was not only saved from paralysis, but was discharged in three days. He is leading a near-normal life that any retired person would, he said.

“Mr. Ramaswamy is the oldest person in the city to have been saved from stroke through medical intervention,” he said.

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