City gets hi-tech speedbreakers

Two weeks ago a youth riding a sports bike at a high speed on beach road in the city survived a near fatal accident, when he lost control over his bike after it went over a speedbreaker. The youth later narrated that he did not spot the speed breaker in the night.

There have been many such incidents in the past when speedbreakers that are supposed function as speed and rash driving check on motorists turned out to be killers, mainly because the drivers were not able to spot them on time.

To tide over this issue the City Traffic Police on Friday rolled out a new system of speedbreakers fixed with LED lighting on beach road.

Pilot project

Inaugurating the speed breaker, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Kinjarapu Prabhakar said “this is a pilot project and depending on its success it will be replicated across the city.” Designed by Embedded Infra Tech, start-up, the metal speedbreaker is fitted with LED lighting and can be spotted from a distance.

Moreover, what makes the speedbreakers unique is that it also comes in aid of the pedestrians.

“On each side of the speedbreakers, which are placed near the zebra crossing, there is a push button. The moment the pedestrian pushes the button orange light will turn red, suggesting a caution that someone is walking across the zebra crossing. Once through, the orange light will start flashing again,” said Mr. Prabhakar.

According to the ACP, this system will be observed for the next few weeks and depending on its success, the department will ask GVMC to replicate it across the city.

Speedbreaker is connected to a regular power source and also has option for solar energy.

One of its kind

The technology used in the speedbreaker technology is one of its kind, said Rama Krishna Yellapu of Embedded Infra Tech.

This system has two speedbreakers spread over a distance of about 25 metres on both sides of the road. While first one serves as cautionary, the other is the final check, he said.

According to Mr. Rama Krishna, the moment a pedestrian presses the push button, the first speedbreaker with orange light will serve as cautionary and the next one near the Zebra crossinG will turn red, suggesting the motorist to stop.

This makes the system one of its kind and no driver can miss the primary signal that is embedded on the road in front of him, Mr. Rama Krishna said.

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