Clear Polavaram dues: Naidu

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu wrote a letter to Union Minister of Water Resources Nitin Gadkari urging him to clear the dues relating to the Polavaram project.

The Centre has to reimburse a total of Rs. 1935.41 crore, he said.

Mr. Naidu in his letter which he handed over to the Union Minister personally at Polavaram project site on Wednesday, said that the Union government has to reimburse the irrigation component available within the approved cost of Revised Cost Estimate (RCE) (2010-11) of Rs. 431.27 crore and dues of Rs. 1504.14 crore. “Delay will seriously hamper the pace of the work, the land acquisition and the Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R),” Mr. Naidu said.

The Chief Minister said an expenditure of Rs. 13,798.54 crore had been incurred by May 2018 of the originally estimated Rs. 16,010.45 crore (at 2010-11 price level).

After declaration as national project, Rs. 8,662.67 crore had been spent up to May 2018 from the State funds of which Rs. 6,727.26 crore had been reimbursed, he said, adding, “the Central government was requested to expedite the approval of the RCE at the 2013-14 price level. Also release of Rs. 10,000 crore pending of the RCE of 2013-14.”

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