Coimbatore doctor to head world’s top body of spine surgeons

Coimbatore-based orthopaedic and spine surgeon S. Rajasekaran, who is chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery at Ganga Hospital, has been selected chairman of the international board of AOSpine, the world’s largest body of spine surgeons.

He will take over from New York-based surgeon Dan Riew during the annual international trustees meeting to be held in Basel, Switzerland on July 13.

Dr. Rajasekaran is the first surgeon from Asia Pacific region to be elected to the position, while all the previous chairs hailed from North American and European countries.

In a statement, Dr. Rajasekaran said he would hold the position for three years till 2021 during which he would direct and co-ordinate the entire educational and research activities of the organisation. The society spends more than $ 20 million every year on education and research.

According to Dr. Rajasekaran, his aim is to introduce two major international projects in spine surgery worldwide, namely formation of clinical practice forums and spine surgery diploma examinations throughout the world.

Clinical practice forums will focus on bringing together expert spine surgeons on specific disease conditions around the world to enunciate standard practice protocols and appropriate guidelines.

AOSpine is the largest international society of spine surgeons with a membership of more than 8,000 surgeons.

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