Counselling helps in divorce cases: judge

Krishna District Judge Y. Lakshmana Rao on Saturday said that counselling for those applying for divorce was yielding good results helping them realise the consequences of the move.

Addressing the gathering at the legal literacy camp, the senior judges, including Mr. Lakshmana Rao, urged disputed couples to rethink on their decision.

“Those who seek divorce need to understand the consequences, particularly with respect to the future of their children. The services of the Legal Services Authority (DLSA) to the couples will help them address issues,” said Mr. Lakshmana Rao.

Senior Judge Ramakrishna Rao showed a couple, who applied for divorce and later withdraw their move, as an example for others. The senior judges have shared their experiences on the divorce cases, enabling the disputed couple to understand the need of sorting out their issues with the help of counselling.

The DLSA on Saturday conducted the National Lok Adalat to dispose of thousands of cases.

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