Cultivators want rights on agriculture lands

Katipally Kamsamma is in her 50s. She did not know where to go to get her problem addressed. She was not alone. There are about 130 families in the village located in Papannapet mandal of Medak district.

Except a dozen families or so, all of them are cultivating lands totalling 360 acres. The land belongs to one Raja Narender Reddy, a zamindar of erstwhile Papannapet Samsthanam.

According to Kamsamma and others of the village, about seven families migrated from Papannapet to Daulapur in 1931 along with Sadashiva Reddy, father of Raja Narender Reddy to assist him in field work. He used to have about 1,429 acres which he got from Papannapet Samsthanam. In 1948, some of them were issued 38 E certificates (which are stated to be equal to registering the lands in their name). Presently, the fourth generation of these families are cultivating these lands but still they do not own the lands.

Demanding that the lands which are in their possession must be registered in their name and be issued patta certificates, the entire village held protest during last week. They locked the doors, went to the MRO office and held protest followed by dahrna at Collectorate. Their problem was not addressed so far.

“We are not getting any CC roads in the village and unable to construct even compound wall for the school located at the entry of the village. The development was completely stalled as the lands belongs to Raja Narender Reddy and the family members are not allowing even digging of bore wells in our lands,” alleged R. Ramulu, another resident of the village.

“About 1,100 acres is in the name of Raja Narender Reddy. As per Land Ceiling Act that much of land must not be in the name of one person. A land ceiling case is pending in court for the past several years. We do not know when the judgement will be delivered. We can act only if the judgement was delivered. The issue was taken to the notice of Collector as well and he is also trying to find out a solution,” mandal revenue officer J. Ramulu told
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