CWC cold shoulder hurts TNCC

The Tamil Nadu unit of the Congress feels rebuffed by the All India Congress Committee, which recently reconstituted the party’s working committee.

Many senior leaders of the Congress here, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the State unit deserved at least one member among the 23-member core Congress Working Committee (CWC).

“A State with 39 Lok Sabha seats deserves more than just two permanent invitees. We are all disappointed and consider this an injustice,” said an office-bearer of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, pointing out that Kerala had three members among the 23, apart from a permanent invitee.

Only two names from the State figure among the total of 51 members, who constitute the first CWC put together by the recently appointed AICC president Rahul Gandhi: both P. Chidambaram and A. Chella Kumar are among the 18 permanent invitees, with the latter in an ex-officio capacity as the Goa in-charge. Mukul Wasnik, the general secretary in charge of Tamil Nadu, is part of the CWC.

“The leadership could have elevated Mr. Chidambaram to the CWC, especially when there are two vacancies in the 25-member body. He is as qualified as anyone else. We are very disappointed,” said another TNCC office-bearer, who also suggested that former State president K.V. Thangkabalu too deserved a seat.

Mr. Chidambaram was a permanent invitee to the last CWC, which also had no Tamil Nadu-based members.

‘In the interest of party’

“We have been ignored for quite a while. Maragatham Chandrasekhar was the last CWC member from the State. Even Vazhapadi Ramamurthy was not appointed when G.K. Moopanar was the general secretary in-charge of the CWC,” said the office-bearer.

The incumbent TNCC president Su. Thirunavukkarasar, however, said that he found nothing wrong with the new CWC. “We have two members among the total of 51, which is a significant number when you consider that members are picked from all across the country. The Congress leadership has done this in the interest of the party,” he said.

The leadership could have elevated Mr. Chidambaram to the CWCTNCC office-bearer

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