Dance on floors, not on roads, says Delhi police over Drake’s ‘Kiki challenge’

The Delhi Police on Tuesday cautioned people from taking the Kiki dance challenge, saying people indulging in the act would be booked for creating nuisance on the roads.

The challenge, also known as ‘In My Feelings Challenge’, involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside it to Canadian rapper Drake’s latest song, ‘Kiki do you love me’.

Posting a picture of a man dancing on the road along side an ambulance with its doors open, the Delhi Police tweeted, “Dancing on the roads can open new doors for you.”

“Dance on the floors, not on the roads! #KikiChallenge is not worth the fun.#InMyFeelings Keep #Delhi roads safe for all,” it said.

A senior police officer said there are sections under the Delhi Police Act under which the people indulging in the act can be booked for creating nuisance on the roads or playing loud music.

The violators are likely to be booked under charges of dangerous driving under the The Motor Vehicles Act, he added.

The officer said they have not received any information about the challenge being replicated in Delhi so far and the tweets were sent out to caution people.

On July 26, the Mumbai Police had also warned people against taking part in the challenge and risking one’s life and also the lives of others.

Even the Bengaluru Police had cautioned people against taking part in the challenge. The Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur Police also posted cautionary messages on their Twitter handles highlighting the risks of the dare.

Some videos of the challenge, uploaded on the internet, show oblivious dancers crashing into poles, tripping on potholes and even falling out of cars.

One video shows a dancing woman’s handbag being stolen. Another shows a man getting hit by a car.

First Published: Jul 31, 2018 20:40 IST

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