‘Declare health emergency in Tiruvuru’

The TDP government should declare a health emergency in the Tiruvuru area where kidney patients were dying at an alarming rate, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president N. Raghuveera Reddy said.

Mr. Raghuveera Reddy visited the affected villages in the mandal on Monday morning. At Chimalampadu village, he consoled the family of Jamalayya who reportedly succumbed to a kidney ailment.

The Congress leader said none of the facilities kidney patients required were available in the village. There was no shame in the State government declaring a medical emergency to rescue the kidney patients, he said.

There was no dialysis equipment, the doctors and paramedics were not enough, the PCC chief said.

Addressing a gathering after visiting tribal and Dalit hamlets in the mandal, Mr. Reddy said that entire villages were being afflicted by kidney ailments. This had become more prevalent in the past two years, he said.

Water pollution

The Tiruvuru area had not been receiving Krishna water for the past three years and the levels of the groundwater table had also fallen drastically. The water sources were getting polluted and the people who consuming it water were developing kidney ailments, Mr. Reddy said.

The Rs. 15 crore sanctioned by the Congress government for a water pipeline was diverted, but now the TDP government was claiming that an order had been issued sanctioning Rs. 10 crore for the same purpose, he said.

Making matters worse, health care was not within the reach of these people. The population of the two tribal hamlets he visited was around 500. Blood tests were done for 184 people and 84 of them were found to be suffering from kidney ailments. A majority of them needed dialysis.

The area hospital at Tiruvuru should have 14 doctors, but there were only 5. Even among them, only two were regular doctors, Mr. Reddy said.

A dialysis centre should be established at Tiruvuru immediately, he demanded. A minimum of Rs. 2,000 was required for a patient to undergo dialysis in Vijayawada per day and up to Rs. 6,000 per week. Mr Reddy demanded that aid be extended to every family in the hamlets under the SC/ ST Sub-Plan.

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