Delhi: Journalist, stockbroker arrested for cheating cracker factory owner of Rs 8 lakh

The factory was found to be running without a licence and the duo promised the factory owner that they would protect him from police action. One of them posed as an official from the crime branch and took money from the factory owner.

A journalist and a stockbroker were arrested by the Ghaziabad police on Tuesday for allegedly cheating the owner of an illegal cracker factory of Rs 8 lakh by promising protection from the police.

One of the accused Naveen Chaturvedi formerly worked in a national Hindi daily and presently runs a news portal and weekly magazine. The other accused Hemant Chauhan ran a stock-broking firm based in Vasundhara.

“On October 12, SWAT team busted operations of an illegal cracker factory in Madhuban Bapudham area. Naveen was acquainted with Lalit Goyal and Manoj Jain who were accused of running the factory without a license. As the raid happened, Lalit called Naveen asking him to use his contacts to stop the raid. Naveen further contacted his friend Hemant and the two decided to extort money from Lalit,” said the police.

“Hemant posed as an official from the crime branch, Ghaziabad, and the two met Lalit shortly after the raid. The accused proposed a payment of Rs 10 lakh which was negotiated to Rs 8 lakh. The factory owner gave them Rs 8 lakh which they divided equally between the two of them. The duo told Lalit that the police would not take any action against him and the two absconded with the money. A case has been filed against them in Kavi Nagar,” added the police.

Hemant had incurred debt running into crores of rupees due to problems in the stock market, said the police.

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