‘Difficulties of a high office’

M. Venkaiah Naidu, who is used to freely interacting with visitors, has revealed the difficulty he is facing in following the etiquette of the office of Vice-President (V-P) at a book-release event in the city. He rued the fact that he could not mingle with anyone and in the manner he likes as everything should go as per a code of conduct.

“After I became the V-P, a delegation of farmers wanted to meet me at my official residence. My security officers said they can allow only five but I ordered them to send in any number, even if it is 500. They had to oblige my orders. The time allotted was only 15 minutes but I spent two hours with them. Normally there is a limit to even the number of people who can share a dais with the V-P, their background will be checked, whether the programmes to which he/she is invited to are in anyway concerned with politics is verified and so on and so forth”, Mr. Naidu observed, suggesting that it is not easy for him to stay put at a particular place having grown up amid the rough and tumble of politics from the grassroots level. “I don’t belong to that ‘crop of politicians’ who care only about their families. I will always be in the midst of people and strive for their well-being.”

When Flipkart,

Amazon cast spell

What can be more interesting than prime day offers by Amazon or its competitor’s big shopping days. Certainly not a speech by the party high command to its rank and file. It was more than evident that the politicians are not immune to deals offered on online shopping. TDP national president and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu was explaining the party’s action plan for general elections, how to counter the criticism of the Opposition parties and the grama darshini programme to reach out masses.

The party leaders were seen browsing their tabs and smartphones even while Mr. Naidu’s pep talk was on. An MP was seen browsing the Flipkart and the Amazon offers in watch segment. As the MP was deeply engrossed in selecting and comparing watches, the Minister sitting beside peeped into the tab only to find what his fellow partyman was upto.

Collector’s website

District Collector B. Lakshmikantham is not only in the forefront in the developmental activities but also in publicising the success of the initiatives taken up under his aegis. Not just stopping by fully making use of WhatsApp, the Collector has now rolled out a website of his own. The WordPress website lakshmikantham-ias.com has published a long list of news clippings from various publications. Also, it is being updated daily. A couple of years ago, the sub-collector of Vijayawada had put up a similar website but with a lot of information related to the government schemes and access to online services.

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