‘Don’t stop ambulances during VIP convoys’

Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister G. Parameshwara has written to State police chief Neelamani N. Raju to bypass protocol and give preference to ambulances irrespective of VIP convoys.

In his letter on Saturday, he said that he had noticed several instances when ambulances were stopped during convoys.

Soon after receiving the letter, senior police officials at the police headquarters conveyed the message to the officials in charge.

However, senior police officials said the rule is being followed and traffic police on duty have been instructed to allow the ambulance to pass through even if there is VIP movement. VIP and ambulance movement is being monitored by the traffic control room, and ambulances are given top priority, a senior police officer said.

Another officer added that traffic policemen had been awarded on many occasions for allowing the ambulance to pass through and action had also been taken if they failed to do it.

In June 2017, sub-inspector M.L. Nijalingappa earned praise and awards for making way for an ambulance at Trinity Junction during the convoy movement of President Pranab Mukherjee, who was in the city for the inauguration of Namma Metro’s green line.

However, earlier in August 2015, the traffic police were at the receiving end for allegedly stopping an ambulance to allow the Chief Minister’s convoy near Palace Grounds.

The controversy snowballed when a traffic warden posted a message on social media stating that despite his request to the police to allow the ambulance to pass through, the policemen made the ambulance wait for over 20 minutes and allowed it to pass only after the convoy went.

Following this, the City Police Commissioner had ordered a probe and instructed traffic policemen on duty to prioritise thoroughfare for ambulance even if there is zero traffic.

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