Evacuation of pilgrims continues

The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu continued the evacuation of Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrims who were stranded on the China-Nepal border in difficult weather conditions.

Senior sources said all possible steps, including deployment of helicopters, were taken for the smooth execution of the operation.

“The mission has operated five flights and three sorties of Nepal Army choppers and has evacuated 119 people from Simikot to Surkhet, and has arranged buses from Surkhet to Nepalganj,” said a source. India has also taken the help of ex-servicemen, a source said.

The crisis began during the weekend when approximately 1,575 persons were stranded in the high-altitude region of Nepal.

“The mission also operated 35 sorties of helicopters between Hilsa and Simikot and evacuated close to 200 people,” the official said.

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