Excise squads begin flash checking ahead of Onam

The excise department has begun flash checking to track the smuggling of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and illicit liquor ahead of the Onam season across the district. The service of three units of strike force, each comprising five members under an inspector, will be available round-the-clock till the end of the Onam season.

In addition to the operation of the strike forces, the local squads under various excise range and circle offices will intensify night patrolling in their limits. A district-level control room (155358) is also operational now to receive information on the suspicious shipping of illicit liquor by various means of transport.

“We will post our squads to have an eye on remote Adivasi hamlets, coastal areas and the settlements of migrant labourers. As migrant labourers are suspected to be the large-scale carriers of drugs and banned tobacco products, checking will be carried out in long distance trains with the support of the Railway Protection Force and police,” says Deputy Excise Commissioner V.R. Anilkumar. He said that the excise squads would team up with the Coastal Police to check the suspected smuggling of IMFL from Mahe in fishing boats.

Reward for informants

As usual, the checking squads will encourage their secret informants with special rewards. Confidential information about the suspicious movement of liquor consignments can be exchanged with any of the excise range or circle offices in the district. Senior officers’ mobile numbers too have been made available for the communication of such information in support of the special drive.

This year, the cooperation of various other enforcement squads too will be sought to strengthen the field-level inspections at the check posts and district-borders. Night patrolling will be conducted in select sectors with the support of the police. Similarly, the support of forest squads too will be sought under some ranges.

Noticing an increase in the smuggling and sale of costly hallucinogenic drugs like Lysergic acid Diethylamide, the dxcise department has directed the shadow patrolling teams to step up the vigil. Local squads have been asked to be alert against liquor and drug parties planned in the name of tourism promotion.

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