FB case: wife of admin files bail plea

An anticipatory bail petition was filed on Monday in the Kerala High Court by Vinitha, wife of the admin of Facebook group ‘Glassile Nurayum Platile Curryum’ [fizz in glass and curry on the plate (GNPC)], in a case registered against her on a charge of promoting use of liquor.

According to the petitioner, she was not an admin of the group nor was she a functionary of the group GNPC. In fact, her husband Ajith Kumar T.L. had started a secret Facebook group in 2017. It was not accessible to the general public.

No person could enter the group without being invited. It was a platform for the members to share their happiest moments and introduce place of interests.

The group which had 18-lakh members from all over the world had not violated any of the laws of the land. It was not indulging in any illegal activities or posting offensive pictures.

‘Fake groups’

She pointed out that groups under the similar name and style had been started by some others. It was these fake groups which had posted pictures and videos of various liquor brand in the Facebook. The petitioner and her husband had no connection with these groups.

The petitioner’s husband had already lodged a complaint with the Cyber Cell, Excise authorities and Chief Minister for taking actions against these groups, she said.

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