Fire drill at Thoothukudi GH

Thoothukudi Medical College Hospital was abuzz with activity as a fire evacuation drill was held there on Tuesday morning.

Five ambulances, two fire engines with blaring sirens, and curious onlookers filled the hospital premises as the drill was carried out by Fire and Rescue Services personnel. During the drill, which was described as “successful” by the officials, the personnel evacuated 20 staff posing as patients from various levels of the hospital, and took them away in ambulances. A dummy was hoisted down using a knot stretcher from the second floor. Fire tenders pumped water on the artificial smoke on the fourth floor of the hospital. Fire Service officials said the drill was conducted to make sure that the personnel and the equipment were ready at any time. “We’ll do more fire drills in high-rise and high-risk buildings,” he added.

Three Station Fire Officers and 18 Fire Commandos were engaged in the drill. Hospital Dean (in-charge) Ramasubramanian and Resident Medical Officer Silas Jeyamani were present.

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