A flood of pleas and a polite ‘no’

It was a clever ploy by District Collector K. Mohammed Y. Safirulla to keep holiday seekers at bay when he posted the image of three excited children under the caption ‘Bye bye rainy days, back to school days’ on his official Facebook page on Thursday evening.

In a deft way, the Collector was prevaricating further requests for holidays on account of rain that had been flooding the comment section of his page during the last couple of days.

He had declared holiday for three consecutive days from Tuesday after heavy spells of rain lashed the district. But as it turned out, the clarity of the message, of not to expect any more holidays, was not strong enough as some still kept hoping against hope.

“Sir, anyway you have given us holidays now let us make a fresh start from Monday,” pleaded one user, drawing attention to the “futility” of attending classes for just one day before the weekend.

“You are so handsome, please give us one more holiday,” mused another, while some others pressed for one more day at home, claiming that it was still raining cats and dogs in their area.

But there were lonely voices pleading against further extension of holidays supposedly by parents who have had enough after having to put up with their naughty wards at home for three days running.

One such request in the form of a meme made its way to the social media as well. Requests, presumably by students, and going by insinuation by some others, even by teachers in the name of children, for extending holidays started pouring in on the Collector’s Facebook page from Tuesday evening and reached a crescendo by Wednesday evening when it appeared that the Collector was unlikely to halt the string of holidays.

But he eventually declared a holiday for Thursday late in the night though only for students up to higher secondary classes.

This invited another bout of comments from college students, one of whom thundered, “we are not rain-proof.”

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