Forcible land acquisition led to ryot’s death: CPI(M)

The Visakhapatnam District committee of the CPI (M) has alleged that a farmer had died due to forcible acquisition of land by the government.

The government has initiated the acquisition of 900 acres in Gajuwaka and Sabbavaram mandals in Visakhapatnam district in the ame of constructing a satellite township, it alleged.

Stiff opposition

“The Revenue officials were resorting to forcible acquisition of land at Nanginaripadu, Vedulla Narava of Sabbavaram mandal and in Aganampudi of Gajuwaka mandal, despite stiff opposition from farmers,” CPI-M district secretary K. Lokanadham said on Wednesday.

He said that the officials had conducted a survey of the land belonging to Lanka Tata Rao (57) at Nanginaripadu village. While Tata Rao owned 7.5 acres of land, the officials had shown in the survey that he had only 1.7 acres.

“Seeing the wring survey report, Tata Rao collapsed on the ground and died on the spot,” alleged Mr. Lokanadham.

Further, the CPI(M) leader demanded that the land acquisition must be stopped and the government must ensure adequate compensation and provision of a job to a member of the victim’s family.

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