HAMS plans live space station communication

ActiveHAMS Amatuer Radio Society, a body founded by HAMS, is planning to organise live voice communication with the crew of the International Space Station for students from select schools in Kerala.

The radio amateurs in Kerala, who have now established a registered a scientific society, AARS-KL, will implement the programme here.

AARS-KL is administered by technologists and industrial experts to promote innovative communication, research, education and training in the field of wireless communication.

The society proposes to create a technology platform to send and receive pictures, email, videos and other types of files via radio waves during disasters. The proposed platform comprises electronic control systems with a customised Linux-based operating system.

According to AARS-KL, the product will prove to be very useful when there is complete failure of Internet or satellite- based communication systems.

Compression algorithm

The society also proposes to build a compression algorithm and AARS specific mode to send digital files across radio waves in small bandwidth on licence-free frequencies.

This is an innovative process in technical tie-up with AARS-KL associated companies in India.

The scientific research society will be formally inaugurated on Saturday.

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