Hubballi mosque shows the way to harmony

Masjid-e-Usman Ghani, located at Vijayanagar here, witnessed a special Id party on Sunday as authorities of the mosque had invited members of the Hindu community for the occasion.

The organisers said it was for the first time that an Id party was being held by inviting Hindu members on the mosque premises.

Mosque authorities, in association with Sadbhavana Vedike Karnataka, took this initiative to promote religious harmony and brotherhood in society.

Vedike secretary Akbar Ali Udupi said he was elated to see the Muslim community members opening the doors of a mosque for their brethren from the Hindu community. “It should have happened long back, but I am happy that it has happened no less than 70 years after Independence,” he said, and asserted that other mosques too should hold similar programmes.

He said the core essence of all religions was the same but they were presented in different ways. The prime reason for violence over religious issues was lack of proper knowledge about religions among their followers. Even those who resort to violence in the name of Islam do so because their knowledge of Islam was limited, he said. There were several examples in the life of Prophet Muhammed where he respected other religions and asked his followers to follow suit, Mr. Udupi said. Truthful knowledge of religion helps achieve peace and harmony, whereas unfair information of religion leads to disturbances in society. Therefore, every human being should strive to gain truthful knowledge of their respective religion in the larger interest of society, Mr. Udupi said.

Venkatesh Savadatti and Subhas Hosmani and others who were present on the occasion appreciated the move. They said division on religious lines was the creation of power-hungry politicians and common people should not fall prey to their devices.

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