Keeping diseases at bay a challenge

One of the main issues being faced by the people staying in relief camps are imminent health hazards. With hundred of people taking shelter in several camps across the district opened by the district administration, Health authorities have deployed field staff to visit the camps to create awareness on the dos and don’ts to keep diseases at bay.

There are sick people already among those who have taken shelter in the camps. District Health Officer P.N. Sreenivasan said that space is sparse, though measures were taken to technically isolate such people by moving them to a corner.

People get affected by water-borne communicable diseases because of lack of hygiene and sanitation. Diarrhoeal diseases get transmitted easily in relief camps.

Yet another problem with places inundated with water is the possibility of leptospirosis. The general warning is to keep limbs protected while entering water-filled streets.

District Health officials visited some of the camps in West Kochi on Monday. Medical officers and supporting field staff of the region will be in charge of all health needs in the camps.

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