Kukreja used his own lock

Kukreja used own lock in violation of rules

The seized lockers were not on Bowring Institute’s record, and Avinash Amarlal Kukreja had been using his own lock in violation of club rules.

Sources said that even the personal lock was so small that it just took them a tiny screw driver to break it open. The locker rent, which was Rs. 5 a month till recently, was enhanced to Rs. 50, and Mr. Kukreja had not evinced interest in keeping the lockers to himself when the club approached the members.

“He had not paid locker rent at all and that is why they are unauthorised. Had he intimated the club over phone about his need for the locker and asked us to add it up to his account, this surprise catch would not have happened at all. It is like the British saying Penny wise Pound foolish,” a club functionary said. Of the 672 lockers, the club broke open 126 lockers that were unauthorised.

Meanwhile, sources said that the club is expected to take a decision on the action to be taken against Mr. Kukreja for embarrassing the club, misusing privileges extended to him as a member, and posing serious security breach.

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