Law panel cites Mahabharat

The Law Commission, which recommended regulated gambling in sports in its report submitted to the government on Thursday, took a page out of the epic, Mahabharat, to justify its call.

“There is merit in the argument that, had gambling been regulated at the time of the Mahabharat, Yudhishtir could not have staked his wife and brothers in a gamble,” the report, signed by Justice B.S. Chauhan and five other Commission members observed.

The Commission reasoned that online gambling and betting have acquired a global presence.

“Such activities, if properly regulated would ensure transparency in the market, as also strike at the underworld’s control over the illegal and unregulated gambling industry. Additionally, revenue so generated by regulating and taxing betting and gambling may become a good source of revenue, which in turn, could be used for public welfare,” the Commission report said.

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