Lorry operators seek public cooperation for strike

Lorry operators of 20 districts who converged in Tiruchi on Thursday to discuss participation in the all-India strike from July 20 onwards in protest against toll collection and escalation in cost of diesel called for full-fledged public participation in the protest.

The public must extend their cooperation by desisting from using their vehicles on July 22 in an expression of solidarity, M. R. Kumarasamy, president of Tamil Nadu Lorry Owners’ Association appealed during the meeting.

The association endorsed the standpoint of the All India Motor Transport Congress that the price of fuel must be determined based on the cost of crude oil in global market, and assailed the Central Government’s deviation from the policy.

Despite the drop in price of crude oil in the global market, the Centre had raised excise duty nine times in recent years for revenue generation, he said.

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