Low-key Diwali: Less burn cases reported at Navi Mumbai’s National Burns Centre

The low-key Diwali celebrations this year have reduced the number of burn cases reported at the National Burns Centre (NBS), Airoli, to seven. The number reported last year was 25. Out of the seven cases this year, five are of girls below 10 years whose dress caught fire and two are men who got burnt while bursting crackers.

According to the centre, every year, around 20 to 25 cases of burn injuries are reported in the centre post Diwali. Most of them occur due to dresses catching fire from oil lamps.

Dr Sunil Keswani, head of the National Burns Centre, said, “Small girls are usually dressed up in flowing traditional dresses, which get caught in diyas while playing. The five children admitted have received around 30 per cent burns. For an adult, this is a recoverable percentage but for children this could be fatal.”

The two men got burn injuries while lighting a flowerpot.

Keswani added, “Cracker burn cases are usually minor. They don’t have to get admitted. The victims are usually a parent who happens to burn their hand or face while lighting a firecracker for the child. Eight out of 10 firecracker burns happen while lighting a flowerpot.”

He said that last year there were two deaths of women above 60 years who were comorbid and had sustained burn injuries after their sarees caught fire from diya.

“This year, people did not indulge in crackers and diyas. Moreover, most of them stayed at home. The pandemic was a blessing in disguise for fall in the number of Diwali burn victims,” Dr Keswani said.

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