Maharashtra Covid: Fewer patients on oxygen, ventilator support over last 4 weeks

In Mumbai, on average 800 to 600 new cases are being recorded daily.

Oxygen requirement for Covid-19 treatment has dipped by 58 per cent while patients on ventilator support have halved in the last four weeks with infections on a downslide across Maharashtra.

Only a few districts continue to show a slightly higher daily caseload. While Kolhapur is detecting between 1,000 and 900 fresh cases every day, Satara is recording between 900 and 800 infections, Sangli around 800-700, Raigad 600-500, Sindhudurg 500-400 and Ratnagiri around 400.

In Mumbai, on average 800 to 600 new cases are being recorded daily.

New cases in most districts of the Vidarbha region, meanwhile, have been constrained to double digits only. Nagpur, too, is recording fewer than 100 cases per day.

The bed occupancy in all state-run medical colleges is down to 22.4 per cent of the 8,224 beds available. A breakup shows bed occupancy in medical colleges of Kolhapur and Miraj (in Sangli) are over 80 per cent, indicating a continued high Covid load in these districts.

In RCSM Government Medical College and CPR Hospital (Kolhapur), 383 of the 480 beds are occupied by Covid patients; in Government Medical College (in Miraj) 338 of the 395 beds are occupied. In contrast, at Vidarbha’s Yavatmal and Chandrapur medical colleges, the Covid-19 bed occupancy is below 7 per cent.

“If we look at Delhi, the city is testing more and detecting fewer positive cases. In Mumbai, the daily case numbers have remained constant over a long period. We need to understand why certain pockets show consistently high numbers when others see a decline,” Dr Shashank Joshi, member of State Covid Task Force, said.

Data shows Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Satara and Thane account for 50 per cent of the active caseload in the state. While in Ratnagiri, Raigad, Kolhapur, Sindhudurg, Satara and Sangli, which witnessed a delay in onset of the second wave, the wave seems to have lingered longer than it has in other districts.

Until June 10, a total of 29,401 Covid-19 patients were seriously ill, down from 44,036 critically ill until June 2 and 68,552 until May 19 across the state.

The decline in the absolute number of critical patients has also eased out pressure from ICUs and ventilators. A month ago, the ICU occupancy stood at 23,620 for the week ending May 19.

In the subsequent four weeks, only 10,848 ICU beds were occupied. Ventilator requirement, too, came down from 8,097 until May 19 to 4,469 until June 10, while oxygen requirement has dipped from 60,455 cases to 24,932 in the corresponding period.

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