Making students all-rounders

Juggling classes and extracurricular activities will not be a task for the students of DVUP School, Thazhathukulakada, any more. The school, which has switched to six-day week, will now hold exclusive arts and athletics training sessions on Saturdays.

“We have decided to introduce this new schedule so that there is no need to compromise on academic hours. The children usually get hardly an hour a week for extracurricular activities as part of their curriculum, which is quite inadequate,” says headmaster T.N. Hemanth. Students are encouraged to pick from a number of options that include kalaripayattu, karate, archery, dance, yoga, chenda and violin.

“Based on their skills and interests we help them sign in for any two classes. We specifically incorporated some events like archery and karate as they were recently made a part of the National School Games,” he says.

Employing experts

The school has employed experts in respective fields to handle the classes. “For all the athletics items we have national-level players. A Class 5 student who enrols for karate classes will be a black belt by the time he finishes Class 7.

“The idea is to offer them consistent and focussed training,” says the headmaster. On Saturdays the classes start at 8 a.m. and almost all the 150 students from Class 5 to 7 are keen on attending the sessions. “The students are very excited and so are their teachers, who reach here on Saturdays to support and cheer them. “It’s an attempt from our part to make our students physically fit and nurture their artistic faculties. We want all our students to excel in their chosen art or sport,” he adds.

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