Man murders wife for not handing over Rs. 10

A woman was bludgeoned to death, allegedly by her husband, at their makeshift home in Soladevanahalli after she refused to give him Rs. 10 for alcohol on Thursday.

The accused, Raja Singh, from Madhya Pradesh, was arrested by the police after he tried to escape. He and his wife, Kasturi, 35, had arrived in the city a fortnight ago, and worked as labourers at a construction site in Soladevanahalli.

“On Thursday night, the couple fought after the husband demanded Rs. 30 from his wife. She gave him Rs. 20 stating that she needed the remaining for groceries. Raja bludgeoned her with a brick. Kasturi’s sister, who trie to save her, was also attacked,” said the police.

The police charged him with murder and remanded him in judicial custody.

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