Meet sheds light on heart health, prevalence of diabetes

Women, their heart health and prevention of diabetes took centre stage at an event organised by the Diabetes in Women Worldwide Awareness Advocacy Action Strategies (DIWWAAS) on Saturday.

Highlighting the high prevalence of diabetes among South Asians in the United States of America when compared with other ethnic groups, Annabelle Volgman, Director, Rush Heart Center for Women, Chicago, spoke on the need for the healthcare community to make a difference in tackling concerns related to heart, health and diabetes.

Prof. Annabelle further spoke about the importance of seeking funding for the same and that like-minded individuals need to form a coalition to engage in activism for raising awareness.

“I also encourage conducting patient education seminars as well as active use of social media to raise awareness about diabetes and heart health,” she added.

The evening was part of a two-day, multi-stakeholder workshop to sensitise people on the need for awareness about diabetes.

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