Mentally ill woman, two sons rescued from pavement

A mentally ill woman, aged around 45 years, and her two sons, who were living on the road-side for several years at Manapparai town in the district, were rescued by a team of officials on Tuesday.


The woman and her elder son, aged around 20 years, were admitted to Aathma Hospital here for treatment. Her younger son, aged 14 years, was produced before the Child Welfare Committee and temporarily accommodated in the reception unit of a service outfit.

The rescue was carried out after information regarding the plight of the woman and her sons was conveyed to P. Mohan, Member, Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights, residing in the city.

Acting on information, Mr. Mohan organised a team involving officials from health, police, Child Protection Unit and local volunteers for the rescue mission.

Led by Mr. Mohan, the team went to Manapparai and rescued the woman and her sons on Tuesday.

The mentally ill woman and her sons had been staying on the roadside in Manapparai for several years now with no help coming forth, Mr. Mohan said.

Roadside living

The woman’s husband passed away a year ago and her sons did petty jobs to have their daily meal.

The trio had been living on the roadside and took refuge under a tree when it rained, he added.

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