Motorola asked to compensate customer for defective phone

A consumer forum directed Motorola Mobility India Pvt. Ltd and a dealer to compensate a consumer Rs. 10,000 and refund the cost of a mobile phone after it found that they had failed to repair or replace the item despite several complaints.

The Ranga Reddy District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum was dealing with a complaint filed by B. Hari Krishna (55), a resident of Chanda Nagar.

Mr. Krishna said he bought a fourth-generation Moto G Plus from Mobi Quest for Rs. 13,499 on August 7, 2016. Two months later, he complained of rapid battery discharge.

He lodged a complaint with the dealer and deposited the mobile phone with him for repairs.

Upon the phone being returned purportedly after repairs, the problem continued to persist. The complainant said he gave the instrument for repairs again and it was not returned. He then requested that it be replaced and complained to the forum that he did not receive a proper response.

The forum said despite sending notices, the respondents remained absent.

Considering the evidence submitted, apart from directing the respondents to jointly compensate Mr. Krishna Rs. 10,000, it also asked them to refund the cost of the phone and Rs. 5,000 as costs.

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