‘Neglect of parents inhuman’

It is inhuman to leave one’s own parents to fend for themselves after taking away their property, M. C. Josephine, Chairperson of the State Women’s Commission, has said. The future of elderly women needs to be more carefully looked into, she said in a statement.

It was while going through the case file of an 87-year-old woman from Vengola, Perumbavoor, that Ms. Josephine made this statement at the mega adalat held here recently. The woman’s daughter had sold the ancestral house and land measuring about 1 acre, the ownership of which had been given away by the woman to her daughter. However, the daughter did not give the mother any money from the Rs. 80 lakh realised from the sale of the property nor did she rehabilitate her at any proper place.

The mother had complained that she was asked to stay in a dilapidated house owned by a relative of her daughter’s husband. The daughter did not appear at the adalat though the Commission had issued her a notice. The mother had reached the adalat along with a member of the Vengola panchayat. Mr. Josephine recommended to KELSA to provide free legal services to the woman.

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