New traffic diversion system in place in city

With the flyover work expedited at GH Roundtana, new traffic diversion that was earlier announced by the traffic police was implemented from Saturday.

While buses entering the city from Perundurai Road were diverted through the road near Vellalar College, buses from Karur, Kangeyam and Mulanur Roads were diverted through Periyar Nagar and they were not allowed to enter the bus stand. Police personnel diverted the buses through Periyar Nagar where passengers have to get down and board the town buses to reach the bus stand. Since passengers in these buses are from far off places, they faced difficulty in reaching the bus stand as they have to take another bus. They wanted more town buses to be operated between Periyar Nagar and the bus stand.

Traffic personnel were posted at many places to regulate the traffic. However, road users wanted diversion boards to be placed on all the roads so that they can reach their destination easily. Senior police officials said that the new traffic system would be studied for two days and changes will be made if needed as the volume of vehicles will be high on Monday.

Meanwhile, 22 additional police personnel were inducted into the traffic department from Saturday. Currently, there are 28 junctions and 12 signals in the city, but only 40 personnel are available for traffic regulation and for booking of cases against traffic violators. With flyover work and under ground drainage work in progress in all the major roads, there is need for more traffic personnel. Hence, Superintendent of Police S. Sakthi Ganesan moved the personnel into the traffic wing and they were allotted duty on Saturday.

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