No headway in progress of work on PMGSY bridges

The inordinate delay in execution of work on the bridges sanctioned under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) and other Centre-sponsored schemes in Agency areas is aggravating the commuting woes of people living in the interior tribal habitations in Gundala and various other Agency mandals across the district.

With the monsoon turning vigorous, people inhabiting the remote tribal habitations in Yellandu, Gundala and other Agency mandals in the district continue to face barriers in commuting from their habitations to the mandal, divisional and district headquarters in the absence of proper bridges.

Yet to begin

Of the total 10 bridges sanctioned under the Centrally-sponsored schemes in Gundala mandal during 2017-18 financial year, work on three bridges across Chinavagu, Pedavagu and Bandlavagu in Gundala mandal are yet to begin.

Sources said that the executing agencies have reportedly cancelled the three bridge construction contracts and forfeited the deposits of the contractors for “non-compliance” of the conditions stipulated in the agreement.

Work on the proposed bridge across the Jelleru stream in the same mandal came to a grinding halt due to heavy rains in the past few days.

Though the tender process for the remaining six bridges has already been completed, work is yet to gain pace, sources said.

It is unlikely that the work progress at the desired pace, until the end of the current monsoon season.

The delay in construction of the bridge across the Musivagu has made commuting a nightmarish experience for people living in around 10 habitations under Rompedu and Manikyaram gram panchayats in Yellandu mandal in the current rainy season, said Chandra Aruna, ZPTC member, Yellandu.

Patients in need of emergency medicare, pregnant women, students continue to face hardships due to unmotorable roads, lack of proper bridges and other deficiencies in the road infrastructure in the Agency areas of the district, she deplored.

Road cut-off

When it heavily rains, the forest streams cut off road link to various villages in the tribal heartland of Gundala and elsewhere in Agency areas of the district, she pointed out,

When contacted, Panchayat Raj Engineering Department Divisional Engineer, Manuguru, Saidulu Reddy, told
The Hindu
that re-tender process for the three bridges across Pedavagu, Chingavagu and Bandlavagu in Gundala mandal is underway.

Efforts are on to ensure speedy completion of all the ten bridges sanctioned under the PMGSY in the mandal, he added.

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