No rain in catchment areas

If the water level at Mullaperiyar dam crossed its permissible level of 142 feet, water would be released into the 13 spillways and Periyar river into Kerala, said a Public Works Department official.

The level at the dam stood at 134.90 feet on Saturday. A senior official from the Periyar Vaigai division said maximum amount of water (2,300 cusecs) was being drawn from the dam. “Water flows from Kerala to Tamil Nadu through a 1.6 km tunnel from the boating area to the head sluice. It is impossible to increase the inflow,” he said.

“Though there is heavy rain in Kerala, catchment areas of Varushanadu and other places in Theni district have not received any rain,” he said.

Plea for water

Farmers from Melur in Madurai district have appealed to the district administration to release water for single-crop areas at the monthly grievance day meeting, citing good storage level in dams. “We must ensure that all the areas falling under the double crop region get water supply first. Once the harvest is over, usually in September, water will be supplied for single crop region with 45,000 acres. Only when the storage is comfortable, water will be released for single crop region, may be in mid-September, he said.

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