No-trust motion to come up for debate on July 25

Municipal councillors who moved a no confidence motion against the Chairman A. Yellaiah are getting ready for going to camps in distant places, with the Collector M. Ram Mohan Rao accepting their notice and appointing Sub-Collector Anurag Jayanthi as the special officer to conduct proceedings on July 25.

The Councillors are sticking to their guns and are firm on dethroning the Chairman at any cost. Learning their mood neither the local MLA Mohammed Shakil Amir nor the TRS top leadership is intervening to pacify them, necessitating the undertaking of debate on the motion.

Even though there is no unanimity over the candidature of the next municipal Chairman the councillors aimed to achieve their goal first.

Out of the total of 35 councillors as many as 29, irrespective of party ideologies, signed the notice and 25 were present and submitted to the Collector last week.

In the elections held four years ago Congress emerged the single largest party by winning 15 divisions and TRS secured-10; MIM-6; BJP-3; and TDP-1. As two Congress councillors immediately switched over their loyalties to the TRS and the remaining parties also supported it, the party’s candidate Yellaiah was made Chairman with MIM member Habeeb Khan as his deputy.

The TRS leaders are left with no chance of stopping the move of the motion as they held the council with the support of other party councillors and all of them signed the notice.

Caste war

Meanwhile, leaders of different Dalit associations demanded that the councillors withdraw the no confidence motion, describing it as “anti-Dalit”.

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