Panjab University alumni dept to give research grants to teachers

In a first of its kind initiative, the department of alumni relations at Panjab University will be giving research grants to teachers from PU, its regional centres and affiliated colleges this year. A share of 10% from the alumni fund will be spent on the grants, which amounts to ₹4 lakh for this year.

The department has also received ₹2.5 lakh from an alumnus Sunil Kant Munjal, exclusively for research promotion.

Alumni relations dean Anil Monga said,“We had invited applications from faculty in PU and its affiliated colleges and received an overwhelming response with 51 proposals — 32 from PU and 19 from colleges.”

The proposals will be selected on the basis of its innovativeness, tangible societal impact, interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary emphasis, feasibility and soundness of the research methodology.

Monga said that there will be two stages of the selection process. In the first stage, the experts will shortlist 10 proposals out of 51. In the second stage, candidates will make presentations and the final selection will be made. The experts will be eminent experts from the alumni outside PU.

The 60% share of the grant will be for colleges and 40% will be for the PU campus. Currently, the grant is being given for this year only.

Monga said,“Depending on the societal impact of the proposal, it can be chosen for grant in subsequent years too. Currently, we will be able to give grants for two to four proposals, based on the funds available to us.” The selection process for this year’s grant will be finished in a month.

‘Earn while you learn’

PU department of alumni relations has also started the ‘Earn while you learn’ scheme for the needy students of PU campus. There are four students from the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) and two from the department of education interning with the department.

Monga said that they will receive ₹100 for an hour’s work to a maximum of ₹4,000 per month. “The students from department of education are junior research fellows (JRFs) and are receiving scholarships already. Therefore, they will not receive any remuneration but they will be given work certificates.”

Students from UIET are creating a new website for the department of alumni relations and are managing its social media page. Monga mentioned that their social media outreach has increased since the students have taken up the charge.

The department is organising its fifth alumni meet in Surrey, Canada, on September 29, 2018.

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