‘Prevent overloaded lorries from using Dhimbam Ghat Road’

Kongunadu Makkal Desiya Katchi (KMDK) has urged the State Government to prevent overloaded lorries from pass through Dhimbam Ghat Road causing frequent traffic congestion.

In a press release, its general secretary E.R. Eswaran said that the ghat road on the Dindigul – Mysuru National Highway 948 passed through the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve (STR) and connected both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

But frequent repair of overloaded lorries on the road caused congestion regularly affecting road users, particularly women and children.

Clearing traffic

The press release said that many times it took more than five hours to clear the traffic on the road and road users were caught in the stretch of the forest area where wild animals crossed frequently.

The situation worsened during night hours as people were forced to get out of their vehicles.


The release added that the law stipulated the maximum load-carrying capacity for each type of vehicles, including tempos and lorries.

However, the rules were violated and the officials remained a mute spectator to the issue.

To prevent accidents, Mr. Eswaran said that each loaded vehicle should be weighed before it was allowed on the ghat road.

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