Public urged to cooperate with police to ensure offenders are punished

R.K. Dutta, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission member, has urged citizens to cooperate with the police and prosecuting agencies to ensure that offenders are sent to jail in a time-bound manner.

Speaking at a workshop here on Friday, Mr. Dutta said that the distancing of the citizens from the prosecution system was among the reasons for low conviction rate in the country.

“Now that the Supreme Court has enabled the protection of witnesses, more people should come ahead and help the investigators and prosecutors,” he said.

“Conviction rates, especially in cases of crimes against women, are low. This is not a good sign in a progressive society. All the concerned agencies, the police, citizens, civil society and other agencies should come together to improve the rate of conviction,” he said.

He clarified some issues concerning human rights and explained some new amendments and court rulings.

“All government agencies should aim to provide food, water, housing, equal pay for equal work and dignity of life to all. No one in power should behave arbitrarily. Everyone should follow rules regarding his work or behaviour towards others,” he said. He said that the police cannot arrest anyone without information. They should produce the person before a judge within 24 hours and give them an opportunity for legal aid, he said. He expressed concern that there were some inmates of Hindalga jail whose trial had not started even after six or eight years of arrest.

He asked officers to utilise technological tools to prevent corruption and ensure good governance. “Bad governance is also a form of human rights abuse,” he said.

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