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Kudos to High Court

This refers to the report, ‘High Court comes to the rescue of hapless people’ (
July 9, 2018
). It has provided succour to hapless children and women.

I salute the Madras High Court for doing what the government has failed to do in the case of a student from a village who lost his original certificates on a railway platform while asleep. Since he could not reach the counselling centre in time his reserved seat was given to another student.

He missed admission in a professional college by a whisker. The news about the student who comes under reserved category losing his admission got flashed on TV channels and newspapers.

The government could have been generous in granting him admission. But the Madras High Court has taken it
suo motu
and advised the government to act favourably. The climax of callousness is in the government lawyer’s submission to the court that the student has not informed about the incident and that the government will act if he asks for help.

In another case concerning the plight of students who have answered the NEET examination questions translated in Tamil, the judges of the Madurai Bench have rightly questioned the prejudiced stand of the CBSC.

The court has referred to the contrast in CBSC’s treatment of students in Bihar and Tamil Nadu. The judges have also questioned CBSC’s motive behind the hurried publication of results to outwit the court. We are happy to note that justice is there in full swing to save India.

M. Vathapureeswaran,

Anna Nagar

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