Reader’s Mail (Tirunelveli)

Battered roads

Since panchayat elections have been deferred across Tamil Nadu, elected members are not there to look after civic amenities. The consequence is that all roads under the jurisdiction of panchayat unions are battered and full of potholes.

So, as an interim arrangement, the government should re-lay the battered roads on a war footing, thereby minimising road accidents and paving way for free movement of people.

K. Chelliah,


Government museum

A few days ago, I had a chance to visit the government museum in Palayamkottai, which was established in 1992. The museum is housed in an ancient jail where Oomathurai, brother of Kattabomman, was kept by the British rulers.

There are so many sculptures of different kinds and ages. A huge model of a dinosaur attracts children much. Pots used for burial, prehistoric pottery, Kani and Paliyar tribal objects and ancient coins have been kept in order. But a very few children and the public visit the museum every day. In the first floor, there are specimens of marine organisms. The Department of School Education should instruct the schools to take their children to the museum, which has many rare objects and specimens.

The State government should advertise about the importance of Palayamkottai museum, which has been neglected by the public and students

P. Victor Selvaraj,


Traffic congestion

Nagercoil has become notorious for traffic congestion. Narrow roads are the main reason for this problem.

Another major cause is violation of traffic rules by vehicle users. Violation of one-way system is a common phenomenon. Announcement and sign boards never bother the vehicle drivers. The authorities concerned must take stringent action to ensure regulated traffic system in Nagercoil.

B. Nagalingam Pillai,


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