Sacked conservancy workers threaten to return documents

Around 40 conservancy workers, who had been employed by a private contractor as daily wage workers for the Nelliyalam municipality, threatened to return their identity cards to the district administration as they have been without work for over four months following a dispute over pay with the contractor.

The workers, who claimed to have been paid a daily wage of Rs. 534, had been demanding an increase in wages, as well as pension and other benefits to which they were entitled to.

However, the contractor sacked the workers and hired new personnel, they said.

They also alleged that the contractor had insulted them and referred to their caste in derogatory terms.

As they had been without work for over four months, the workers said that they were unable to make ends meet, and could not even send their children to school.

They threatened to return their ration cards, voter ID cards and Aadhaar cards to the district administration unless they were employed once again.

The district administration stated that a total of 159 petitions from the public were received during the weekly grievance redress meeting at the district Collectorate on Monday.

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