Sewage dumping goes unabated

With the rain setting in heavily, more and more incidents of dumping sewage in public places are being reported from all over the city.

The latest incident took place at Malapparamba on Sunday night where local people caught hold of some miscreants who were trying to empty a tanker full of slurry from the sewage treatment plant of an apartment complex nearby. It was only a few days ago that a similar incident took place near the Kendriya Vidyalaya at East Hill where the residents forced the people who had dumped the waste to take it back. Every time an incident of this sort happens, the Health Wing of Kozhikode Corporation flies in to take action against the violators. Heavy fines are imposed and notice is served upon the offenders. The Corporation has a night squad that keeps ceasing vehicles carrying sewage waste. However, the dumping is continuing.

The local people are forced to bear with the stink left behind, even after the Corporation’s squad cleans up the places and disinfects them. The residents have also formed squads. Warning boards have come up along the NH bypass road from Vengali to Ramanattukara, the much favoured stretch for the violators, as it is rather deserted at night and devoid of residential areas near the road. The sewage is often dumped into the vacant paddy fields and shrubs along this road.

“We are trying our best to stop this occurrence, but the perpetrators find their way around some how,” said R.S. Gopakumar, Health Officer of the Kozhikode Corporation, adding that setting up sewage treatment plants under the Corporation was the only solution to the issue.

“The Corporation has planned sewage treatment plants at Thoppayil and Medical College. Though the latter is coming through, there is stiff opposition from local people regarding the former one,” Dr. Gopakumar said.

Meanwhile, the Corporation dropped its plan for the sewage treatment plant at Sarovaram due to the presence of a water body (Conolly canal) nearby. However, it plans to go ahead with the plant near the KWA complex at Karimpanappalam, which is in limbo due to an injunction order from the National Green Tribunal.

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